Broken H

Teaching, encouraging and inspiring children 

through the love of horses 

What we offer

What We Offer

Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, children spend between 75 and 90 minutes each week at our facility. Together the kids and their instructor work side by side - handling the horses, riding, completing small horse-related chores,  and talking and laughing. Most importantly, we strive to show each child how much their uniqueness is valued.

Broken H Rescue Ranch never wants a child who needs to feel the benefits and love a horse has to offer miss out for any reason, especially financial. We continue to keep our services at very, very low and often time no-cost to our students or their families. 

We continuously strive to raise funds through fundraising events, offering items such as split and delivered firewood, and other fundraising efforts. 

Additionally, we are fortunate enough to have received financial generosity and support of individuals and businesses in our community. 


Our lesson programs are designed to fit the needs, including the financial needs of all students and their families. While operating a facility such as this is costly, we work incredibly hard to keep our program affordable for everyone. Please contact us for information on our payment scale. 


Check back soon for exciting information on our camps!


Adult lessons

Between 70-90+ minutes and riding your horse


Adult lessons

Between 70-90+ minutes and riding one of our horses


Lessons at your location

Contact us for pricing


Full care board

$300-$400 monthly

Horse training

30 days of tune ups, sorry- we're unable to accept 'problem' horses at this time

Contact us

Contact us