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The inspired individuals who use horses to make a difference

Dannyel Usher

Director/Instructor/Barn Man​ager

The child every parent dreads, the one with the expensive hobby choices, I was born with the desire and determination to make horses a full part of my life.

With nearly 30 years of experience owning horses, I have enjoyed exploring and becoming proficient in many various disciplines of riding and showing horses including western and english pleasure and equitation, timed events such as barrel racing and pole bending, trail riding, camping and hunting with horses, as well as many other styles of riding. While those things helped prepare me to work in this environment,  something far more personal made this the perfect place for me.

I have a quote I offer to my students when they roll their eyes and question why I say and teach what and how I do: “I say it because I know it. I know it because I lived it.”  I had a tough time as a kiddo, a very tough time.  And while the specific details of my past can remain exactly where they are, in the past, I have to be thankful for them because it is in those details that I was learning to become the instructor and professional that I am now.

Looking back, I now understand if nothing else, one very important thing: CHILDREN NEED HORSES. Children need horses, and they need people who understand the power of what a horse has to offer, and people who have no expectations of them but accept them exactly as they are. 

Dave Usher

Instructor/Horse Health Manager/Farrier/Facility Manager

Born into a family of cowboys, my natural path was meant to be walked in cowboy boots.

With over 40 years of experience with and around horses, I have spent a large amount of time making priceless memories camping with my horses, team roping, trail riding, along with many other various types of riding. Additionally, I have been fortunate enough to teach children, my own and others, about the joys and benefits of owning and handling horses.

I have enjoyed training many quality horses and specialize in ground training and working a wide variety of horses.

In addition to filling my personal life with all things equestrian, I have made a life for myself and my family as a horse-shoer with an extensive client base I have built and maintained over the past 30 plus years. 

Keleen Woosley

Assistant/Office Manager

I grew up in Grant County, which is in the eastern part of Oregon. Living in a rural area meant that I was around agriculture at every turn. My family had a modest home on the outskirts of city limits, so being in agriculture wasn’t something that I was able to get my hands into on an everyday basis. 

When I got into high school, I met my husband, Brad. This is where and when I found my true calling. You see up until my senior year of high school I had ALWAYS loved horses, their smell, their sounds, everything about them intrigued me, but I had only actually ridden a hand full of times here and there, nothing that I would truly call experience. Brad took me for my first long ride to work and move cattle for a family that he had spent most of his teen years working alongside. This is when I found what I had been missing. I remember that day vividly: it was hot, dusty and the cattle were bawling, true Americana, so to speak. The work was HARD, but so satisfying. Afterwards we sat around a long table and shared a meal laid out as a thank you for our hard work. That was it! I was hooked!

We live on a 25-acre farm where my husband, kids and I are living the childhood that my husband spent his teen years living; learning about compassion, hard work, responsibility, the power in your word and a good handshake, and having fun even during the most mundane tasks.

I have held many positions from preschool teacher to banker and a little of everything in between. I am continually applying my skills in my Office Manager position through Broken H Rescue Ranch and offering children a small taste of the experiences an agricultural setting has to offer. 

Brad Woosley

Equipment/Facilities and Maintenance

From the age of 6 I was immersed in agriculture. Whether helping my grandpa work the hay field or work his cattle, I wanted to be a part of it! From that point in my life, I’ve kept myself involved with a wide variety of ranch projects; it turns out that those experiences helped me in learning more about myself than I ever thought possible.

Growing up I struggled with ADHD. Through ranching and farming I have learned the ability to focus, to be patient as well as how to work with others, and the importance of commitment. I have learned all about hard work, and about a job well done; I have also felt the consequences of poor workmanship. Nothing says a loss of focus like my family and I wrangling cattle at midnight.

I have learned so much because of my time spent around livestock, some of the lessons are the hard-learned kind, and the ones that stick with you most. All in all, if I hadn’t been

involved in a farm type environment throughout my younger years, who knows where I would be. Working directly, one on one with animals and with people of the same traditional mindset, I unknowingly had a safe, positive outlet where I grew and learned life’s most important lessons.

I am thankful for each and every lesson, hard-knock or not, because I am now in a position to share what those lessons have taught me with other young ones who desperately need a safe outlet, just as I had. 

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